Triangle Cloud Services: Migrating Complex Workflows to the Cloud

Christopher Schoppy, President & CEO, Triangle Cloud ServicesChristopher Schoppy, President & CEO
Established to help other organizations to modernize their legacy infrastructure and network architecture of systems that reside in an on-premise data center, Triangle Cloud Services is uniquely positioned in the cloud technology space. Pittsburgh-based Triangle Cloud Services specializes in the management of cloud-based automated environments, and offers services to automate complex workflows that include cloud migration to AWS. The company also employs various cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack to help businesses modernize their infrastructures.

Triangle Cloud Services helps organizations migrate from traditional data centers to a cloud-based environment with its hyper-converged hybrid solution. This solution allows customers to maintain their on-premise ecosystem while enabling the Triangle Cloud Services team to expand certain workflows, infrastructure, systems, and network topologies into the cloud environments. “We reckon that transition to the cloud is cost-effective and technologically suitable as compared to on-premise data centers,” mentions Christopher Schoppy, president & CEO, Triangle Cloud Services.

The company’s approach to implementing cloud services begins with cost optimization and budgeting along with analyzing the capital expenditure (capex), and operational expenditure (opex) of its clients. “We perform an overall assessment of our client’s environment from a financial and cost perspective and find the pain points in order to mitigate them,” says Schoppy.

We reckon that transition to the cloud is just as more cost-effective and technologically suitable as compared to on-premise data centers

The financial analysis is followed by network architecture development and a pre-deployment phase before the architecture is finalized. Thereafter, the implementation planning and strategy is initiated to identify the alterations needed in the architecture.

From startups to medium and large enterprises, Triangle Cloud Services works with every organization and maintains long-term relationships with them, acting as an extension of their internal IT departments. The company optimizes and customizes the cloud services as per its customers’ specific requirements, be it the need for a migration strategy or a new infrastructure deployment within a cloud environment.

The customer-centric approach of Triangle Cloud Services has helped it win several clients over the years. One of the firm’s client associations worth highlighting is with Pittsburgh-based Identified Technologies operating in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) construction space. Identified Technologies lacked a software development lifecycle along with the capabilities for continuous integration and delivery, and hence, wanted to modernize their already existing workflow on AWS. They needed storage to ingest the data generated by their UAVs that were sent to construction sites for area evaluations. Triangle Cloud Services thus built a fully containerized model for the client, which enabled them to carry out automated software deployment. To store the UAV data, Triangle Cloud Services provided a stable cloud environment on AWS to run the web portal developed by Identified Technologies. The firm delivered a fully managed service by containerizing and automating all the elements including the software development lifecycle and orchestration of the infrastructure. The Triangle Cloud Services team also built an automated security solution to ensure that the client’s data is encrypted, isolated, and protected.

Currently, Triangle Cloud Services is focusing on containerization as well as cloud security and is looking forward to gaining more customers in the microservices and serverless model segment. Besides, the firm is also developing a toolset for maintaining and managing its service portfolio internally. Schoppy believes 2019 is going to be a remarkable year for Triangle Cloud Services with regard to cloud automation and anticipates the firm’s geographical expansion to other countries.