Vlocity: Taking Enterprises in The Cloud

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David Schmaier,  Founder & CEO, VlocityDavid Schmaier, Founder & CEO Enterprises use cloud computing to bring all their processes and procedures under a single space, and have options to utilize the tech both on a private or public cloud. The manageability of cloud computing is objectively easy, and organizations are taking advantage of it by procuring the assistance of companies that particularize in PaaS and SaaS.

Vlocity, is one such noted start-up that specializes in cloud based software development and delivers industry-grade cloud software that offers mobility, and omnichannel approach for consumer-centric enterprises. The company is an ISV of Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, and is one of their fastest growing partners. The solutions and services at Vlocity are built on top of Salesforce’s architecture.

Humble Beginnings in Cloud Computing

Based in San Francisco, California, Vlocity began their journey in 2014. The company offers its clients digital transformation solutions and services that are industry-grade, highly efficient, and scalable both on-premise and in the cloud. Vlocity is led by executives and founders who helped build winning companies including Salesforce, NetSuite, Veeva, Guidewire, Siebel Systems and Oracle. The firm was started by David Schmaier, Craig Ramsey, James Ramsey, Mark Armenante, and Young Sohn, all of who have held top positions at the company’s partner firms.

In April 2015, Vlocity started their first round Series A funding; Salesforce Ventures would invest in the start-up becoming its lead investor. Another major angel investors in the project were Accenture, an IT services and solutions company. The first round of funding set the wheels in motion at Vlocity to design, develop, and deploy their offerings to the corporate market. Later in September 2016, the firm would conduct a Series B funding after successfully launching their product. This time around Sutter Hill Ventures would capitalize, and invest a substantial amount of revenue in Vlocity.

We provide the important deep capabilities that a client needs for their industry; we don’t replicate but instead leverage all of Salesforce’s proven functionality and platform capabilities

In total, the company has managed to amass an astonishing 92.8 million through the two rounds of funding.

Successful Partnership with Salesforce

At Vlocity, Salesforce has proven to be an excellent partner and lead investor of strategic equity. They have added a cost-value totalling to over $100 million. Before being a co-founder at Vlocity, Craig Ramsey was a board member at Salesforce, and this helped ease the friction of the union.

Salesforce has for long been recognized as a leader in the customer relationship management (CRM) space, and Vlocity are proud to join with them to utilize their solutions on the cloud. Vlocity are a recognized ISV of Salesforce and build their solution by leveraging the former’s architecture. The software at Vlocity is built on top of Salesforce’s Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, and Analytics Clouds. “We provide deep capabilities that a client needs for their industry; we don’t replicate but instead leverage all of Salesforce’s proven functionality and platform capabilities,” says Schmaier, CEO at Vlocity.

Besides Salesforce, Vlocity has broad and significant partnerships with leading systems implementers such as Accenture, Deloitte Digital, IBM, PWC, to name a few, along with strategic software partners Mattrix and Docusign.

Solution Offerings at Vlocity

Vlocity offers organizations a platter of services and solutions to leverage in the cloud. The firm has a list of products— Omniscript, Industry Console, DataRaptor, and a variety of other engines—that they provide to clients. Besides, these solutions Vlocity also has wearable gear that allows users to view their most sensitive processes and workflows remotely.

Omniscript, the company’s lead product allows clients to establish effective customer interactions without code and deploy information to multiple online media channels and devices. The codeless approach has led to clients having faster releases of programs, and also saves a lot of money during development and delivery.
The Industry Console solution allows IT and CRM teams at organizations to contact customers with innovative, card-based UI, visualizing growth opportunities, product relationships, and interaction history. Vlocity DataRaptor manages complex data structures from within the Salesforce solution engine and enables declarative data mapping and REST interfaces. It simplifies the integration of external data–a user can quickly load, extract, and transform hierarchical structures in standard JSON formats. In Addition, Vlocity offers its clients Agent Click Tracking and Analytics through Salesforce’s Wave Analytics platform.

Understanding the Company Clientele

For a company to survive in the current and fast-paced cyberspace, Entrepreneurs and top-leaders need to have a sharp mind and understand the need to make the transformation from legacy to digital systems. The company caters to the financial, insurance, media, healthcare, and government as well as non-profit organizations. Vlocity puts its customers first and makes them wildly successful with our industry cloud apps and mobile apps. The number one rule to ensure client retention is building trust and goodwill, and at Vlocity it is available in plenty. To leverage the best offerings to its customers, Vlocity has a team of professionals who are experienced in the customer relationship and interactions field. “Beyond talking, another vital way we build trust is by listening. Listening, as we all know, is a basic element of conversing, yet fewer and fewer companies seem to be listening to what customers have to say about their needs and expectations,” says Schmaier.

Vlocity have also been recognized as a top 100 cloud company by many organizations, and have been christened as a Forbes Cloud 100 Company as well. The management and team at Vlocity hope to continually enable firms to achieve faster business agility and time to value from the cloud across digital and traditional channels. Vlocity continues to innovate in everything they do, and drive growth by seeking opportunities to create advancements for their customers and partners. The company also maintains close-ties with all their customers and partners, and offer them complete transparency during communications. Vlocity also has a non-biased employee and leader program, and the management genuinely values employee ideas and recommendations.

Heading into the future, the team at Vlocity wish to continue to build and release best-in-class software to their clients, and to assist them in having smooth digital processes both legacy and modern in the cloud and on-premise.
- Arijit Sarkar
    March 19, 2019